Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fair Results

I did it!! I can't believe I actually entered 10 entries and recieved 10 Blue Ribbons. It was a lot of fun doing this for my first time. I am already making plans for next yrs Fair. I have a big goal and that is to get a Bedspread or Tablecloth done.

You can see the bedspread I am working on here I will try to update how far along I am on the bedspread. Right now I have 1 square done. I have 3 Roses done. I am going to make the Roses different colors instead of all one color. It will be more like a Rose Garden then.

Hope you enjoy my entries.

The Cradle Purse patterns used were Blueberries and Raspberry Clouds and are available in my Etsy Store

I found the little dress for the doll online at Etsy and have fell in love with making doll cloths so I will be trying my hand at that also.

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