Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Order Finished

This is my most recent order for a Cradle Purse and Baby Doll. The Cradle Purse Pattern is my own design and I do sell the pattern as well as the finished product. The original is done in a Burgandy and White combo, this was a custom order.

The baby doll outfit is made from a pattern I bought online.

I have another order pending as soon as the color is picked out. The baby doll is on 5" tall.

These aren't the greatest pics but I wanted to get some pic taken before she was delivered to the new momma.

Want to see a real dangerous dog?

Lucy with her pig, she won't chew it up, she only nibbles on it like she is giving it a bath.

Lucy with Precious above her. Precious is our 3 legged cat we bottle fed. Lucy is afraid of this cat and does not like to look at her.

Mollie Ann playing with Lucy in Lucy's Kennel. Mollie Ann likes the kennel like it is a playhouse, poor dogs bed isn't even safe from the kids.

The breed isn't bad, it's the owner and how the dog is raised. I would trust Lucy over several other dogs. Lucy isn't my dog, she belongs to my daughter and her family. They also have a Jack Russell Terrier.