Monday, July 20, 2009

Tested crochet items and now Fair entries

I recently tested these cuties for a couple of crochet friends. Stormy designed the little Caterpillar, you can find her etsy store here

Kristie designed the little deer. She also has an etsy store located here

If you look real close you can see that the deer has eyelashes. I didn't like the ones that were at the craft store, the lady suggested using false eyelashes at a regular store so that is what I did. Found a cheap pair and glued them on.

I've been busy getting items ready for our upcoming Fair and these 2 cuties will be entered in.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've been busy

I haven't blogged for a while now since I have been busy. I've been out truckin with hubby twice recently and then there was Easter in between.

I need to go through pics and get some uploaded so will be doing that soon.

I had a wonderful time when we went to Montana on to trips recently. First time we headed to Kalispell and Missoula. Such a beautiful drive. I had never been to Montana so this was really exciting. I so want to go back but in a car so we can stop off and see sites, it's realy tough to do that when you are in a Semi and have a 53' trailer behind you.

Then came Easter. We spent Easter at my folks. We also celebrated Mollie Ann's and Natalie's Birthdays at the same time. Mollie Ann is my granddaughter and Natalie is my niece. Thier birthdays are only a couple days apart. It was a blast. The house was full with our oldest son and his girlfriend, our daughter, her hubby and the 2 kids, our youngest son, my brother and his daughter, both my folks, hubby and I. We made it a potluck and boy was there plenty of food.

The kids had a great time Easter Egg Hunting and opening the baskets the Easter Bunny left.

Last week was a long week, Monday was a short day, hubby had to make a local delivery then we grabbed his trailer and headed out for another trip to Montana. Monday we stayed in Post Falls Idaho, Tuesday we were up and heading to Missoula for a delivery, then came another adventure, up and over the Continental Divide for the first time. After delivering in Missoula we were Eastbound and down to Billings. Such a beautiful trip. We made it to Billings for the night and stayed at the Pilot. Ended up dropping the trailer there and bobtailed to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. I had to pick on the daughter, I took a pick and sent it to her when we were at the Cracker Barrel. All I got back was "You Suck", LOL, it's a little joke between us. See when they were living in VA and we visited them, they took us to Cracker Barrel. It is great old fashioned kind of food. Sure wish we had a Cracker Barrel here at home.

Wednesday we woke up with a small amt of snow, abt an inch or so in Billings. We made the delivery and then waited to hear if we had a pick up to do and we did so went over and made the pick up then started another long day. We ran into snow all around Bozeman. Oh yeah, before that we ended up getting red lighted and hubby had to park and bring papers at the weigh station, he had to go back out and get the registration for the trailer so I stayed inside, they did the paper check on the log book and all and hubby passed perfectly again. He is proud of his driving record, he has never had a log book violation in all his yrs of driving, over 20 yrs.

So anyway, after all that we continued to head towards home, finally ending up in Spokane for the night. I was so ready for my bed after all this and knew this would be my last night in the truck. Thursday morning we got up and finished towards home only to have the work radio go off and it was the boss. If hubby had enough time we were to deliver the item we picked up in Billings, head to Mollala, OR to grab a loaded trailer and head out as far as we could go. Well we made it to Yakima, WA and stayed at the Gear Jammer, boy has that place turned into a dive joint of a truck stop. They really need to do some updating, it's so sad to see.

So much for my bed Thursday night, LOL. Up Friday morning and we were off again, headed to Wenatchee, WA, up and over Blewitt we go. Finally made it to Wenatchee then got a dispatch to head to Sumner, WA for a pick up. After we made the pick up it was finally time to head for home.

When all was said and done, hubby added up the mileage and we made a 2587 mile trip, no wonder I was so tired of sitting, LOL but it was a great trip.

Like I said, I so want to make a trip to Montana in a car for a vacation some time, it is so beautiful. If I could not live in the Pac NW for some reason, I would love to live in Montana.

Hopefully if there is another run like this to Montana, hubby will get it, he should as he is #1 (Senior) Driver at work, so by all means he should get it, unless one of his whiney co worker drivers who is a few drivers below him goes in and whines again. Oh that's a whole nother story there. Seems that one of his co-worker drivers went in and whined a while ago that hubby had already done 2 runs to Montana so he wanted to go and so he got it. This isn't the first time this guy has done this to hubby, yet this same guy will bitch if a driver below him get's a run he want's.

I have to laugh though, since this guy whined and took that Montana run, he has done everything he can to avoid hubby, he must be feeling really guilty, serves him right.

Anyway, hopefully I will get pics up soon of the recent trips and Easter to share will everyone.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Grandma's Christmas Cactus

Last month we did some shifting of furniture between our home, my parent's and our son's & his girlfriends. In the process of shifting all the furniture this is what finally came home to me. The Christmas Cactus has been in my mom and dad's care for several yrs now.

This is my maternal grandma's Christmas Cactus. She got it in 1962 from a lady. It was already several yrs old. It is over 60 yrs old and can be much older than that.

I remember as a child visiting grandma at the farm and peeking into the Christmas Cactus. There was a creek and there was always little frogs. Mom told me abt the room the Christmas Cactus was in and how the little frogs got in. As a child it was always fun to look for the little frogs in the Christmas Cactus. We would sneak over when the little frogs were croaking and try to find them, we could only look, never touch the Christmas Cactus.

In the move from mom and dads one of the young stems broke off so I have it in water right now, it has finally started rooting so will need to put it in a pot. I can only hope I can keep the Cactus alive for several more generations to enjoy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy am I glad we no longer have AIG

I'm sitting here listening to all the questioning of Liddy over AIG. Boy am I glad we got rid of AIG yrs ago.

I'll never forget when we got our statement and our rates skyrocketed. Our independent agent could not get an answer as to why our rates had skyrocketed, we never had a claim, our credit is/was good, we pay our bills on time.

Well, since they couldn't give us an answer our agent checked and found us a much better insurance and we have been happy with them. No large increases when renewals come up. I love it, of course our insurance company does not insure in high risk areas so we don't have to pay for losses in high risk areas.

I look back and now wonder if the large increase AIG tried to do to us was to cover the losses at the portions of the company that was failing.

Congress, you need to wake up and quit handing out our tax dollars like they are candy on Halloween. We deserve complete accountability and transparency.

Any company wanting taxpayer bailout dollars needs to renegotiate all contracts (Union, CEO, Etc) or else they should NOT get tax dollars. I don't care what the name of the bonus is, if you have to use tax dollars to keep the company going then you don't have dollars for bonuses of ANY KIND!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crown Point Columbia River Gorge

While on the Old Highway in the Columbia River Gorge we of course had to stop at Crown Point. What a beautiful view of the Gorge. Wish it had been warmer, it was cold and wet but still a wonderful trip.

Multnomah Falls

I always love watching the Falls. We stopped at Multnomah Falls while taking a drive on the Old Highway in the Columbia River Gorge. It was cold and wet but beautiful.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Order Finished

This is my most recent order for a Cradle Purse and Baby Doll. The Cradle Purse Pattern is my own design and I do sell the pattern as well as the finished product. The original is done in a Burgandy and White combo, this was a custom order.

The baby doll outfit is made from a pattern I bought online.

I have another order pending as soon as the color is picked out. The baby doll is on 5" tall.

These aren't the greatest pics but I wanted to get some pic taken before she was delivered to the new momma.

Want to see a real dangerous dog?

Lucy with her pig, she won't chew it up, she only nibbles on it like she is giving it a bath.

Lucy with Precious above her. Precious is our 3 legged cat we bottle fed. Lucy is afraid of this cat and does not like to look at her.

Mollie Ann playing with Lucy in Lucy's Kennel. Mollie Ann likes the kennel like it is a playhouse, poor dogs bed isn't even safe from the kids.

The breed isn't bad, it's the owner and how the dog is raised. I would trust Lucy over several other dogs. Lucy isn't my dog, she belongs to my daughter and her family. They also have a Jack Russell Terrier.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I know times are tough but come on

Like I said, I know times are tough and people are running into financial trouble, but come on, when it comes to debt collection agencies they should know where they are getting info or not be able to use certain tactics.

Beware, there's a I don't know how new, but new to me tactic being used so if you have anything in Collections you can expect your neighbors getting a call from one of these agencies.

I had twice now these places looking for someone who I have absolutely no clue who these people are.

First situation.

On Feb 23 at 8:37 am I received a phone call from Client Services from this number 636-947-2321. The guy gave his name and said he was looking for A.N. (gave full name), I don't know this person. He explained that this was a neighbor of mine and asked if I could go to their place and give them a message to contact him. I refused to do this, I don't know this person, I don't know which house this person lives at. I asked how he got my number. He explained that they looked on a map of where A.N lived at and found what addresses are near by this home and then done a reverse search of the neighbors and came up with my phone number.

He pleaded that it was really important that they get a hold of A.N. and they seem to be having trouble with their phone.

I did ask for a supervisor and I did get very upset with that person also. I personally feel they are violating a persons privacy, both mine and the person they are looking for.

Now for the second situation.

Just a short time ago I received a phone call with one of those great computer voices asking for D.B (again I have this persons full name). It gave me options of pressing 1 or 2. I don't know this person either so I placed myself on hold by pressing 2. There was no option saying if this is not DB and you don't know DB then press X and we will remove your number, oh no that would be too simple.

Well I sat on hold and had to keep pressing 2, finally on came the computer voice, can't even get a real person since this was such an important call. It gave a number to call back so I wrote it down. I told the lady, Connie I have no idea who this person is they asked for, she asked for my number and said she would remove my number from the system. She asked if we had just got this number recently, uh, like no, I think we have had it for like 20 + yrs. So I asked her where they got my number from, she said it was what was in the computer so DB must have given it to them. I'm sorry but for some reason I just don't believe this for some reason, call it a gut feeling or what ever.

I told the lady I was going to blog abt Arrow Financial and how I was contacted using a wrong number and before she could respond I hung up.

So, Mr. Collection Agency, leave me alone, don't contact me trying to find my neighbors, give me an option to press X to say I am not who you are looking for I don't know this person "Remove me from your call list"

I fear it will only get worse since more and more people are falling into financial trouble.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pics of

what I have been working on. The first is a pattern I bought on Etsy. I didn't like the big collar so I changed it. Unles I find something different I will be entering this in the upcoming Fair in August.

This is the Christening Gown I started a short time back. I now have it finished and am weaving in ends. I will get another pic when I have that part done. I don't know when I will get all the embellishments done though. I have to weave ribbon through the gown and add other embellishments. This is only the first of a 6 piece Christening Set all done in thread. There is also a bonnet, booties, edged socks, bottle cover and matching afghan.