Friday, November 7, 2008

Mt Hood and Mt Adams

Mt. Hood, north of Hood River, Oregon. I was out on the truck last month on an overnight run. When we got back to town we had to head ot Hood River, Oregon to make a delivery.

While I was in the truck I snapped a few pics.

These are of Mt Adams in Washington State. We were done with the delivery and was headed back towards Hood River, Oregon so whilehte truck wasm oving I snapped these shots.
The Pac NW has such a beauty that can't be duplicated. The snow capped mountains are always such a joy to look at. I could never live anywhere else.

New Creations

Cradle Purse and Moses Basket

Moses Basket

Cradle Purse
These are 2 of the newest creations I have done. A while back I had bought a 14" Lot's of Love Baby Doll Set that was on clearance. It's been sitting around while I have been trying to come up with a new Cradle Purse. Well I got inspiration from the Moses Basket of the doll set I had bought so out of htat came the above 2 new creations.
I still don't have a name for the Cradle Purse. Both of these fit a 5" Lot's Of Love Doll or the 6" dolls that could be found at Walmart.
I will be setting up testing of the patterns soon and then the patterns will be put up for sale. I am hoping to have this all done very very soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

These are a couple of my little hummingbirds that come to my window and eat. I just love watching these little critters.

A Little Bow Practice

Mollie & Papa shooting arrows

Now that Halloween is over

We are now going to be busy setting up for Christmas. I am really hoping to get some nice pics of the house this yr since my camera has some night settings.

We have already started stringing lights. First thing was to get the totes out of the attic and test the lights, grrrrrr. It never fails that we have strands of lights that quit working, well atleast half the lights quit.

This yr was no different except seemed like every strand had half the lights out. Of course couldn't find the light tester as usual. Well, we took off and went to the store to look at new lights. This yr we came across a different tester than the normal. The one we found was at

Target and ran almost $20. I mentioned there was one at Home Depot that I had seen from the last time we were there. Well, it was a little cheaper but not much.

We decided to take a chance on the new tester. OMG, it was the greatest thing when we got home and started using it. It has this great feature that you take a light out of the socket and plug the socket into the handle of the tester, plug the light cord into a power source and then pull the trigger ( this tester is shaped like a gun) after a few pulls of hte trigger, the lights on the one end of the stand lit up. It was totally awesome. It has a great light puller once we figured it out.

We were able to salvage all the strands of lights but one with very little frustration. I would definately recommend to anyone who puts up lights for Christmas to buy this awesome tester. It is so well worth the $20 already.

We have so far 1600 light up on the outside of the house with ooohhhh so many more to go. It's not as large of display as many on the web and around the country but it is ours. We usually have somewhere between 10,000 - 15,000 lights. It's our little gift to the community.

Eastern Oregon Around Baker City

We stopped at the rest area just outside of Baker City, Oregon and I got a few shot. It was real hazy out but I think the haze gave the pics a beauty of their own.

Wind Towers

These are just a few of the Wind Towers along I 84 as we were heading to Idaho. These are in Oregon. I have been along side each of the parts as they have been parked in a rest area and they are massive as individual parts, put them all together and WOW, they are huge.

I like the idea of using the wind, the sad part is when we have been on the Oregon side and you look across the Columbia River to Washington, they are blanketing the tops of the beautiful mountain tops. So sad to take away from the beauty.

Anyway here's a few pics taken as we were driving by.

It's been a while since

I have done any posting. Guess it is time to play a little catch up. Here is a few pics from this summer. Mollie was given a bow set by her Uncle. Grandpa took her out to show her how to use it. It was so much fun watching her shoot arrows. Even her baby brother, Michael had to give it a try.