Friday, November 7, 2008

Mt Hood and Mt Adams

Mt. Hood, north of Hood River, Oregon. I was out on the truck last month on an overnight run. When we got back to town we had to head ot Hood River, Oregon to make a delivery.

While I was in the truck I snapped a few pics.

These are of Mt Adams in Washington State. We were done with the delivery and was headed back towards Hood River, Oregon so whilehte truck wasm oving I snapped these shots.
The Pac NW has such a beauty that can't be duplicated. The snow capped mountains are always such a joy to look at. I could never live anywhere else.

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Jodi said...

Beautiful pictures!
I just love the views of mountains that are in your part of the state!
There's nothing like going down the gorge or driving from here to Yakima and see the mountain tops.