Friday, March 6, 2009

I know times are tough but come on

Like I said, I know times are tough and people are running into financial trouble, but come on, when it comes to debt collection agencies they should know where they are getting info or not be able to use certain tactics.

Beware, there's a I don't know how new, but new to me tactic being used so if you have anything in Collections you can expect your neighbors getting a call from one of these agencies.

I had twice now these places looking for someone who I have absolutely no clue who these people are.

First situation.

On Feb 23 at 8:37 am I received a phone call from Client Services from this number 636-947-2321. The guy gave his name and said he was looking for A.N. (gave full name), I don't know this person. He explained that this was a neighbor of mine and asked if I could go to their place and give them a message to contact him. I refused to do this, I don't know this person, I don't know which house this person lives at. I asked how he got my number. He explained that they looked on a map of where A.N lived at and found what addresses are near by this home and then done a reverse search of the neighbors and came up with my phone number.

He pleaded that it was really important that they get a hold of A.N. and they seem to be having trouble with their phone.

I did ask for a supervisor and I did get very upset with that person also. I personally feel they are violating a persons privacy, both mine and the person they are looking for.

Now for the second situation.

Just a short time ago I received a phone call with one of those great computer voices asking for D.B (again I have this persons full name). It gave me options of pressing 1 or 2. I don't know this person either so I placed myself on hold by pressing 2. There was no option saying if this is not DB and you don't know DB then press X and we will remove your number, oh no that would be too simple.

Well I sat on hold and had to keep pressing 2, finally on came the computer voice, can't even get a real person since this was such an important call. It gave a number to call back so I wrote it down. I told the lady, Connie I have no idea who this person is they asked for, she asked for my number and said she would remove my number from the system. She asked if we had just got this number recently, uh, like no, I think we have had it for like 20 + yrs. So I asked her where they got my number from, she said it was what was in the computer so DB must have given it to them. I'm sorry but for some reason I just don't believe this for some reason, call it a gut feeling or what ever.

I told the lady I was going to blog abt Arrow Financial and how I was contacted using a wrong number and before she could respond I hung up.

So, Mr. Collection Agency, leave me alone, don't contact me trying to find my neighbors, give me an option to press X to say I am not who you are looking for I don't know this person "Remove me from your call list"

I fear it will only get worse since more and more people are falling into financial trouble.

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vicki said...

i find that totally outrageous pam contact the attorney generals office and have them contact them and remove your name what they are doing is illegal as heck and if they continue you might be able to sue them for harrasment i would ask the ag office about it. i know thats what they told me when they were trying to use me for someone elses debt good luck hon