Thursday, February 28, 2008

Recent trip

Recently I went out on the truck with hubby. We went to Clarkston, Washington then up to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. It's such a pretty trip. Along the way we had a wonderful time with the wildlife. First we ended up with a Coyote shooting across the road in front of us. He lookedl ike he had been spooked.

Next came the Bald Eagle, oh was that ever beautiful. Was close enough to the truck that I could alomost reach out and touch, it was awesome.

Then came the turkey's, we noticed these birds fly in front of us and when they landed on the other side they were turkey's. It was so funny watching them. The 3rd one had to get some altitude or he was going to go smack into a rock wall.

Then came the Elk farm. We stopped so hubby could do his safety check and I took advantage to get s few pics.

I love trips like that. Watching the wildlife is always so much fun. I miss my Big Horn Sheep along I 84 in Oregon.

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