Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yup, Spring has sprung

As you can see, I just put up some pics of a few of the flowers that are in bloom right now in our gardens.

Our roses are opening up their greenery, my Chocolate Columbine is coming back stronger than last yr, my Bleeding Hearts are really coming up. We have mini Daffodils in bloom. It's definately getting time to get some bark dust down.

I'd really like to have snow, but since we are basically past that and it is sunny warm out, I am ready for spring. Guess now we will have to start working in the yard and whipping it back in shape on the nice days.

Time to think abt getting the patio ready, furniture out, BBQ grills prepped for what else but BBQing. Can't wait to sit out on the patio swing and crochet on a sunny warm day.

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