Friday, January 9, 2009

A little laughter from our trip to Spokane

Wednesday, January 9th I went trucking with hubby on an overnight run to Spokane, WA. You know, the place that is snowed in and isn't getting much of a break. I think they will be BBQing in July with snowpiles still around.

Anyway, the trip was pretty uneventful until we arrived at the first delivery location. We watched dumptruck load after dumptruck load of snow being hauled from behind the business we were delivering to. It was amazing how many dumptruck loads there were, we lost count.

Finally the first half of the load was delivered, it was time to leave, well maybe, we have to get through all the people first. You've heard of "Bring your son/daughter to work day", well this was bring your "Snowshovel to Work Day", I only got a few pics but there had to be well over 100 people that had been on the roof of the building shoveling snow off.

This is one of the snowpiles at the first delivery location. Not the pile from the shoveling of snow off the roof.

Here's the last of the snow shoveling brigade heading towards their vehicles

Delivery location number 2, the saga of the stuck truck

Ok so the cardboard idea didn't work let's try this, we'll chisel this truck out

Let's see how that turned out

Nope. still stuck, chiseling out didn't work so what's next, let's try this, if this doesn't work then it's staying there until Spring thaw

Let's see if, the combination of cardboard sheets, chiseling and ice melt worked or if the truck was staying in place til Spring thaw, what do you think?

Well, you can see the results for yourself. Afterwards, the driver came over and chatted. He had been having no trouble getting around and making his route until he had to stop at the fuel island before getting off work.

We all had a good laugh, we can laugh right along with him since hubby of course has been in those situations also.

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