Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boy am I glad we no longer have AIG

I'm sitting here listening to all the questioning of Liddy over AIG. Boy am I glad we got rid of AIG yrs ago.

I'll never forget when we got our statement and our rates skyrocketed. Our independent agent could not get an answer as to why our rates had skyrocketed, we never had a claim, our credit is/was good, we pay our bills on time.

Well, since they couldn't give us an answer our agent checked and found us a much better insurance and we have been happy with them. No large increases when renewals come up. I love it, of course our insurance company does not insure in high risk areas so we don't have to pay for losses in high risk areas.

I look back and now wonder if the large increase AIG tried to do to us was to cover the losses at the portions of the company that was failing.

Congress, you need to wake up and quit handing out our tax dollars like they are candy on Halloween. We deserve complete accountability and transparency.

Any company wanting taxpayer bailout dollars needs to renegotiate all contracts (Union, CEO, Etc) or else they should NOT get tax dollars. I don't care what the name of the bonus is, if you have to use tax dollars to keep the company going then you don't have dollars for bonuses of ANY KIND!

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vicki said...

omgosh i sooo agree we need to have them be accountable for their actions and why should they reap benefits when we are the ones who caused all the problems im so with you sister on that we need to make them pay and help all us little people hugs wish we could get together