Friday, March 20, 2009

Grandma's Christmas Cactus

Last month we did some shifting of furniture between our home, my parent's and our son's & his girlfriends. In the process of shifting all the furniture this is what finally came home to me. The Christmas Cactus has been in my mom and dad's care for several yrs now.

This is my maternal grandma's Christmas Cactus. She got it in 1962 from a lady. It was already several yrs old. It is over 60 yrs old and can be much older than that.

I remember as a child visiting grandma at the farm and peeking into the Christmas Cactus. There was a creek and there was always little frogs. Mom told me abt the room the Christmas Cactus was in and how the little frogs got in. As a child it was always fun to look for the little frogs in the Christmas Cactus. We would sneak over when the little frogs were croaking and try to find them, we could only look, never touch the Christmas Cactus.

In the move from mom and dads one of the young stems broke off so I have it in water right now, it has finally started rooting so will need to put it in a pot. I can only hope I can keep the Cactus alive for several more generations to enjoy.


tanya904 said...

Your cactus is looking rather lovely I have had one for almost six months now and it needs some Tlc.. Well really It just needs a larger pot because it is growing quite well but is a bit limited as I have it.. That is one thing that this tropical weather is wonderful for growing some pretty amazing cacti Maybe i should crochet myself one.. have you seen those.?? So much less to take care of LOL

Pam said...

I haven't seen a crocheted one, would be rather interesting though.

vicki said...

i think i have a pattern somewhere for crocehted cactus lol would be so awesome having that unfortenetly when we cleande dh grandmas house out his aunt and cousin came ina nd took several cuttings off of it so many it went into shock and died was over 80 years old had been his grandmothers grandmothers so sad to see it die. keep that baby going my friend hugs