Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've been busy

I haven't blogged for a while now since I have been busy. I've been out truckin with hubby twice recently and then there was Easter in between.

I need to go through pics and get some uploaded so will be doing that soon.

I had a wonderful time when we went to Montana on to trips recently. First time we headed to Kalispell and Missoula. Such a beautiful drive. I had never been to Montana so this was really exciting. I so want to go back but in a car so we can stop off and see sites, it's realy tough to do that when you are in a Semi and have a 53' trailer behind you.

Then came Easter. We spent Easter at my folks. We also celebrated Mollie Ann's and Natalie's Birthdays at the same time. Mollie Ann is my granddaughter and Natalie is my niece. Thier birthdays are only a couple days apart. It was a blast. The house was full with our oldest son and his girlfriend, our daughter, her hubby and the 2 kids, our youngest son, my brother and his daughter, both my folks, hubby and I. We made it a potluck and boy was there plenty of food.

The kids had a great time Easter Egg Hunting and opening the baskets the Easter Bunny left.

Last week was a long week, Monday was a short day, hubby had to make a local delivery then we grabbed his trailer and headed out for another trip to Montana. Monday we stayed in Post Falls Idaho, Tuesday we were up and heading to Missoula for a delivery, then came another adventure, up and over the Continental Divide for the first time. After delivering in Missoula we were Eastbound and down to Billings. Such a beautiful trip. We made it to Billings for the night and stayed at the Pilot. Ended up dropping the trailer there and bobtailed to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. I had to pick on the daughter, I took a pick and sent it to her when we were at the Cracker Barrel. All I got back was "You Suck", LOL, it's a little joke between us. See when they were living in VA and we visited them, they took us to Cracker Barrel. It is great old fashioned kind of food. Sure wish we had a Cracker Barrel here at home.

Wednesday we woke up with a small amt of snow, abt an inch or so in Billings. We made the delivery and then waited to hear if we had a pick up to do and we did so went over and made the pick up then started another long day. We ran into snow all around Bozeman. Oh yeah, before that we ended up getting red lighted and hubby had to park and bring papers at the weigh station, he had to go back out and get the registration for the trailer so I stayed inside, they did the paper check on the log book and all and hubby passed perfectly again. He is proud of his driving record, he has never had a log book violation in all his yrs of driving, over 20 yrs.

So anyway, after all that we continued to head towards home, finally ending up in Spokane for the night. I was so ready for my bed after all this and knew this would be my last night in the truck. Thursday morning we got up and finished towards home only to have the work radio go off and it was the boss. If hubby had enough time we were to deliver the item we picked up in Billings, head to Mollala, OR to grab a loaded trailer and head out as far as we could go. Well we made it to Yakima, WA and stayed at the Gear Jammer, boy has that place turned into a dive joint of a truck stop. They really need to do some updating, it's so sad to see.

So much for my bed Thursday night, LOL. Up Friday morning and we were off again, headed to Wenatchee, WA, up and over Blewitt we go. Finally made it to Wenatchee then got a dispatch to head to Sumner, WA for a pick up. After we made the pick up it was finally time to head for home.

When all was said and done, hubby added up the mileage and we made a 2587 mile trip, no wonder I was so tired of sitting, LOL but it was a great trip.

Like I said, I so want to make a trip to Montana in a car for a vacation some time, it is so beautiful. If I could not live in the Pac NW for some reason, I would love to live in Montana.

Hopefully if there is another run like this to Montana, hubby will get it, he should as he is #1 (Senior) Driver at work, so by all means he should get it, unless one of his whiney co worker drivers who is a few drivers below him goes in and whines again. Oh that's a whole nother story there. Seems that one of his co-worker drivers went in and whined a while ago that hubby had already done 2 runs to Montana so he wanted to go and so he got it. This isn't the first time this guy has done this to hubby, yet this same guy will bitch if a driver below him get's a run he want's.

I have to laugh though, since this guy whined and took that Montana run, he has done everything he can to avoid hubby, he must be feeling really guilty, serves him right.

Anyway, hopefully I will get pics up soon of the recent trips and Easter to share will everyone.

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Sweet Mama Jones said...

I loved reading this. You have the life I would love to have someday when the kids are grown. I wanna be "Eastbound & down - loaded up & runnin"...and just watch ol Bandit run! I drove acrossed the country once from CA to VA & my retired truck driver grandpa hooked up his old CB in my Suburban - we talked to drivers all the way, it was the best!